Network Marketing Advertising – Successfully Advertising Your Opportunity by Not Doing it

How Can Network Marketing Advertising Help You Build a Huge Business?

Is that not the question so many of us in the MLM industry want to have answered? While so many small business owners seem to be making a killing on the internet, network marketers can’t seem to figure out how to advertise their opportunity.

Besides that, many network marketing companies forbid distributors from advertising anyway. What are we to do?

In the first place… it isn’t true that most small business owners are making a fortune from their web advertising. Just like network marketers – most business owners don’t really know how to approach online advertising. The reason is they don’t understand why people use the internet.

It is true that those in the network marketing industry have the added disadvantage of being restricted in how they can advertise their opportunity and products. But if approached properly, this really isn’t a disadvantage at all.

How do I know that? Ask yourself this question…

What If You Could Advertise Your Products and Opportunity All Over The Internet?

What if your network marketing advertising could be all about your products and opportunity? Would it really help?

I mean… What if you could advertise your products without restriction? What if you could…

Put pictures on the internet…
Create your own website linking to company sites…
Tell the world that you had the greatest opportunity on the planet.
Would it make you a success?

You are already free to walk up to strangers in the mall and talk about your opportunity all you want. You can give them samples. You can tell everyone that yours is the greatest network marketing opportunity ever devised by human creativity.

So what?

Even when someone can look you in the eye and hear you tell them that you have exactly what they need – they don’t believe you. Do you think they would believe you any more if they read it on a website? Would you believe someone else who did that?

No… You wouldn’t.

So here’s the thing… Get this.

Successful network marketing advertising really has nothing to do with being able to talk about your products or opportunity.

Did you get that?

If you want to be successful at online marketing you do not need to talk about your products or business plan. In fact that is precisely what you DO NOT want to talk about.


Because business opportunities are easy to come by. Products that are the latest and greatest are a dime a dozen. Everybody has the best products… The best opportunity… And the best up-line.

And most importantly… prospects are not interested in them. You are. You are the one who is interested in your opportunity. They are interested in something else.

Your potential prospects are asking different questions. So if you want to be successful…

Your Network Marketing Advertising Must Answer the Questions Prospects Are Asking

Here is an advertising principle that you need to get a hold of. It is deceptively simple. Don’t miss it just because it is simple. Ready? Here it is.

Find out what questions people are asking… and answer them.

I told you it was simple. But its application will take some work.

The questions prospects are asking are not… “How do I succeed at my up-line’s network marketing opportunity?” or “How do I find a great network marketing opportunity?” Some are. But most are asking other questions like…

“How can I be successful at business?” or “How can I solve my financial problems?”

What questions are your prospects asking? What problems are they trying to solve? What solutions are they looking for?

If your answer to all their questions is… “My opportunity” or “My products”… then you are not going to be believed. They will know you are just trying to sell them a simple solution that will benefit you.

Root out the questions your ideal prospect or ideal customer is asking. Find out what her real concerns are. And answer those questions. Provide real value in your advertising. Address your prospect’s fundamental desires and show her…

How being associated with you will help her solve her problems.

You see – your network marketing advertising has nothing to do with your opportunity or products. It has everything to do with you. It has to do with how well you can help your prospects get what they really want.

This approach to advertising – attraction marketing – puts you on the opposite side of the equation. It demonstrates that you are worthy of your prospect’s attention. That you are a helpful guide who is willing to focus on the needs of others.

Let your advertising focus on solving other people’s problems. That is want your prospects really want.

Tired of buying unresponsive MLM marketing leads just to face rejection once again? Or spending hours tracking down new prospects who really don’t want to hear what you have to say?

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